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Atlas Wellness Centre: Spinal Care Can Help With Back Pain in Pregnancy

Why is Spinal Wellness Care Necessary for Pregnant Women?

pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes several physiological and hormonal
modifications as a new human being grows and develops inside her womb.
Because of these changes, expectant mothers could feel pain and
discomfort as a result of misalignment’s in the spine or joints as being
caused by the more prominent curve on her back, abdominal enlargement,
changes in the pelvic region, as well as modification in her posture.

women suffer from chronic pains in the lower portion of the back as a
result of the changes that occur during pregnancy. Some pregnant women
may experience difficulty in attaining proper balance because of the
pain. Spinal care can help relieve the pain brought about by
being pregnant and enable one to gain better posture that does not cause
much pain on the affected areas. Misalignment of the pelvis could also
affect the development of the growing fetus inside the womb.

experts have undergone the required training necessary in handling
pregnant women; hence a gentle and safe technique is employed.

are different types of wellness experts according to specializations.
There are those who have specialization in pre-natal as well as in
peri-natal care for women. Wellness experts who specialize in pregnant
women have underwent additional trainings necessary to ensure that the
life of baby and the mother are not put at risk. The intensity of the
treatment process employed on pregnant women will depend on what stage
of pregnancy they are already into. In some instances, the wellness
expert suggests some stretching as well as safe and simple exercise
routines for pregnant women to perform that will help them deliver
without difficulty when the time comes.

Benefits of Spinal Wellness Care in Pregnant Women

mothers who visit a wellness centre to seek the help of wellness experts before they undergo labor
will benefit from the procedure in many ways. These include but not
limited to achieving a safe and healthier pregnancy, better control of
health conditions associated with being pregnant, giving birth faster
and easier without complications, relief from pain on affected areas
such as the joint, neck, back and spine, and avoiding the possibility of
undergoing a C-section.

Effects of Spinal Wellness Care during Labor

are still several benefits of spinal wellness care in pregnant women
aside from what has been mentioned above. Spinal wellness care offers
additional benefits during the actual birth process, especially in terms
of managing labor pain. Spinal care treatment is of great help in
achieving a successful normal delivery.

Length of Labor

level of balance and the body’s ability to adjust when subjected to
extreme cases of stressful situations is critical in the determination
of how the body is affected by the situation. Majority of pregnant women
who undergo C-section during the birthing process is the result of the
body’s inability to handle stress associated with delivery. The reason
for this is mostly because of the misalignment on the pelvic area which
caused the slow descent of the fetus down to the mother’s birth canal.
Limited mobility due to pain in the pelvic region adds up to the
difficulty in the labor process.

The length of time spent during
the labor period can be minimized or well reduced through proper
adjustments using spinal care technique

Position of the Fetus

component that affects the time in labor is the position of the fetus
in the uterus. Spinal care treatments will help adjust the pelvic
position and consequently corrects the placement of the fetus. This way,
it will be much easier for the fetus to come out from the mother’s
womb. Wellness experts also believe that spinal adjustments help avoid
the occurrence of any form of back labor.

Adelle Lawas is a writer for Peter Olsson. Peter Olsson is a wellness expert and specialist for pain in lower back? offering to clients services wider in
scope which include the provision of non-invasive structural
rehabilitation of the spine, functional rehabilitation of the nerve
system and education in the latest sciences of nutrition, exercise,
emotional wellbeing and health care. For more information, please visit Atlas Wellness Centre website.

Atlas Wellness Centre: Advantages of Bedford Back Pain Spinal Wellness Care

Common Benefits of Spinal Wellness Care

No one
is exempted from musculoskeletal system dysfunction. This means that
spinal wellness care is of great advantage because of its natural
ability to heal the body and relieve it from any form of pain or
discomfort as a result of misaligned spine, neck and back. However, for
people with active lifestyle, such dysfunction limits their ability to
move and affects their overall performance.

Individuals suffering
from this form of dysfunction will experience pain and discomfort every
time there is movement on the sore areas of the body. Among the benefits
of spinal wellness care are better circulation, lactic acid lowering or
elimination, smoother oxygen and nutrient transport in the entire body,
increased flexibility, as well as elimination of any form of discomfort
and pain. In addition, it also contributes to faster ability of the
body to heal naturally, decreased muscular spasm, deterrence of any
further injury and a more comfortable feeling.

Treatment Combinations

ones effort along with natural techniques will help maximize the
benefits one can get from spinal wellness care. This is what wellness
experts recommend in order to better help the body adjust perfectly to
the natural treatment process. Once the source of discomfort is treated
the body will achieve full mobility and better performance is attained
as well.

To experience the maximum potential of spinal wellness
care, some physical activities must be incorporated in your routine.
These include maintaining proper hydration, following a healthy diet,
developing a healthy exercise routine or perform simple stretching

More Benefits of Spinal Wellness Care

people have limited concepts about what spinal wellness care can do. It
is not only limited to treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as
neck and back pain and mild cases of headaches, and the like. Spinal
wellness care can offer relief from extreme cases of spinal subluxations
or vertebral misalignments using some form of adjustment techniques.
Some studies revealed that spinal wellness care can even help treat
cases of ADHD among children.

Different groups of people
experience different positive results from spinal wellness care. With
this form of natural treatment, pregnant women are able to deliver much
easier. For babies, spinal care helps improve developmental abilities
and prevent possible development of scoliosis. For children, asthma, ear
infections, bed wetting, among others are prevented. Adults, on the
other hand, are able to experience increased vigor and productivity. And
finally, for senior individuals, attaining better balance will prevent
them from getting injured as a result of falling off.

benefits and overall results from patients who underwent spinal care
treatments include boost in immune and nervous system functions,
improved vitality, easier breathing ability, improved metabolic
function, sharper vision, and improved overall well-being.

When do the effects become visible?

wellness treatment, the body begins to realign and relieve you of pain
and discomfort coming from the problem areas. In minor cases, immediate
relief is experienced soon after undergoing the procedure. This is one
reason why opting for spinal wellness care is more advantageous than
going for surgery or medical procedure that takes a longer period of

On the other hand, one might experience initial pain and
discomfort with spinal adjustments due to the fact that the body needs
to readjust to the realignment process after being misaligned for quite a
time. But this will not take long before you can feel your body regain
its normal mobility and function.

Adelle Lawas is a writer for Peter Olsson. Peter Olsson is bedford back pain relief
wellness expert and specialist offering to clients services wider in
scope which include the provision of non-invasive structural
rehabilitation of the spine, functional rehabilitation of the nerve
system and education in the latest sciences of nutrition, exercise,
emotional wellbeing and health care. For more information, please visit Atlas Wellness Centre website.