How to Win Back a Girlfriend – Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

First things
first, no break up is ever final! I know that’s tough to hear right now
without your girlfriend by your side but it’s true. Think about how
many people you know that get back together, is it becoming more and
more common these days? It sure is. Now, you need to take the first
step to turn things around and win back your girl.

How To Win Back A Girlfriend Tips

1. Put down the phone – step away from the computer

I can’t begin to tell you how many times people will shoot
themselves in the foot when they have every chance in the world to get
their ex back. How? Well they will continue to call, message, email and
look at their online activities. No one likes a stalker and this
includes your girlfriend. Stop all contact immediately!

2. Accept the break up

Oh no did you say? Do it, and do it now, tell your girl that you
understand that your relationship is over and that you respect her
decision. This will show your girl you are not desperate and needy,
more importantly it will show her that you respect her and her decision

3. Give your girlfriend some space

Don’t want to give her space? Want to hear her voice and see her
face, well join the rest of us who love someone dearly. This is where
you need to control your heart and think with your head, you have
everything to gain right now if you play your cards right.

her time to gather her thoughts and for emotions to settle. You need to
accept the fact that this is part of the process of learning how to win
back a girlfriend.

4. Turning the tables

Confidence, positivity and an happy outlook on life are
characteristics that are attractive to both men and women, don’t think
your girl is any different.

Become the person your ex fell in
love with, show her that the person she cared for is still right in
front of her. By giving her space and time, avoiding all contact she
will begin to question why you have had a chance of heart and what has
brought out your new outlook on life. She may feel unwanted, unloved
and begin questioning whether you have met someone else!

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