Arthritis Pain Relief Remedies and Natural Treatments That Work

Arthritis pain relief is very important for arthritis patients. Since this disease is chronic and there is no treatment that can put a final end to it, all there’s left for patients to do is to find ways of coping with the pain and of reducing the inflammation that causes the pain. It is of uttermost importance to receive an early diagnosis of arthritis because if left untreated, the illness can lead to serious complications and to unimaginable sufferings, including inability to move. 

Although modern medicine has developed some prescribed drugs that are suppose to help arthritis patients in what concerns pain, they are not very effective because they also produce side effects like gastrointestinal problems. This being the case, most of the sufferers are in constant search of natural remedies that are capable of providing arthritis pain relief without side effects. Fortunately, there are many herbs containing anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds. There are also essential oils which, if massaged on the painful joint, provide relief from the pain.

Some of the most efficient natural remedies that offer arthritis pain relief are –

1. Sesame oil – If you massage you joints with heated sesame oil before going to bed, you will alleviate the pain.

2. Mustard oil or coconut oil mixed with camphor – it should also be used for massaging the joints.

3. Turmeric – It is the yellow pigment contained by cucurmin. The recommended dose is between 400-600 mg. three times a day. Its action is similar with those of cortisone drugs and it reduces the inflammation significantly. It is considered a safe remedy for arthritis, but studies have not been made on pregnant and breast feeding women yet. 

4. Wild yam tea – It has a long history in treating arthritis because of a substance called diosgenin. Two or three cups a day are recommended for six weeks. The cure can be repeated after a week break. 

5. Red pepper – It contains capsaicin, a natural analgesic with a similar action with that of aspirin. Capsaicin creams have proven their efficiency in providing arthritis pain relief. 

6. Hop tea – It has both anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. One to three cups a day beneficial in obtaining alleviation for arthritis. The results of hop tea can be easily compared with that of steroids. 

Obtaining arthritis pain relief through natural means requires patience and determination. The results of natural remedies are not as fast as those of artificial drugs, but considering that they lack the side effects, they are by far a better choice.

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