5 Tips to Win Your Ex Back and Get Back Together After a Break Up

5 Must Do’s To Turn Things Around And Win Your Ex Back

1. Respect Your Ex’s Decision

ex has made their mind up, it’s time to respect their decision to end
the relationship, no amount of pleading, begging, crying to your ex
right now will not fix the problems that lead to your break up.

2. Show Maturity

one wants an ex groveling on the phone, text messages and emails that
they just want “one more chance”. Nothing will push an ex away faster
than an ex that is thinking irrationally and behaving immaturely, be
the bigger person and show your ex that you respectful of their wishes.

3. Give Your Ex Space

want to end contact with your ex in fear that you will never speak to
them again? Understandable but if you do not begin to give your ex time
and space after the break up you may ruin your last chance to reunite.
Let emotions settle for both you and your ex, this time is important to
turn things around and win your ex back.

4. Rediscover Yourself

are an infinite number of reasons that lead to a break up of a
relationship but now you have sometime to discover what went wrong and
how you will change it for the better. Spend time doing things you
enjoy and forget about your ex for the time being, remember,
understanding exactly what went wrong and why is what will allow you to
reconnect with your ex.

5. Making Your Ex Want You Again

you have mutual friends get the word out to your ex that you are having
the time of your life, that you are happy with this new chapter of your
life and life couldn’t be any better. After giving you ex time, space
and stopping contact with them they will be curious as to your new
outlook on life and what has bought a sudden change in personality.
This is where the reuniting can begin.

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