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Fast Relief From Panic Attacks And Anxiety!

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I remember the first time I had a panic attack. My life was a mess and not the same again until I got a handle on it and it went away. Yes, it can go away.

For me the panic attacks lasted several years, about 5 or 6. I fought them every way I could think of including alcohol, running, meditating, and various other things.

When I think back it looks like panic attacks couldn’t possibly have entered my life. I was a risk taker.

I was a boxer. I was an airplane pilot. I was a horseman for years in Montana. I still ride motorcycles!

I was never bullied and I wasn’t intimidated. No one ever called me anything derogatory and no one ever called me a sissy.

I went through High School in Montana and went into college there, too. I spent several great years chasing degrees and women and married a real sweetheart.

I had been nervous a time or two, but I had never experienced anything like a panic attack.

At 30 years of age I was 6’2″ and 190 lbs. I was in great shape! The panic attacks came out of the blue.

By that time owned my own businesses for 6 years. I was at a convention in L.A. and a friend drove me to LAX so I could go back to Oregon, the rugged Northwest and my family.

I was sitting in the waiting area watching the incredible variety of people you see at LAX when I heard the boarding call.

At this time I had been an aircraft pilot for 6 years and had my own aircraft. I should have flown it down but it was cheaper and much faster to take the jet.

I got in line. We started moving toward the tunnel to board the plane when something “went off” in my stomach. I was suddenly VERY uneasy. Within seconds I wanted to run but I thought I was crazy AND I didn’t want anyone else to know.

Somehow I got on that plane. By now the panic attack was in full bloom. I was pouring sweat. I was shaking. I was afraid…but not afraid of something that made sense. I thought there was a good chance I’d die. The fear was immense and made me feel crazy because, as near as I could tell, there was no reason for this.

Something was wrong with me! I was OK an hour ago and now I’m losing it. I was afraid I’d have to panic further and demand they land and let me off. I wanted to run.

I sat there, in my window seat, looking out at the scenery, like I used to love to do, but now all I had were legions of confused, evil feeling ideas swirling around inside my head.

I had to keep them in there. I couldn’t let anybody know! Every time the flight attendant ask me something I just mumbled that I didn’t feel well.

That was the longest flight of my life even though it was less than two hours. I had thought about jumping out. I thought about my wife and kids. I tried to force myself to only think about positive things and, about an hour and a half after the panic attack started, it started to fade…slowly.

I was so happy and relieved. Then I started worrying that it would come back! Up, down, the whole rest of the flight.

When I got on the ground I went straight to the bar and drank a double of whisky.

I grabbed my bags and went out to the car. I was thinking things like “What the hell was that!” And then I remembered the fear of it coming back! So I stuffed it.

When I got home I didn’t tell my wife about it.

The next day things seemed normal and I forgot about it. Until the panic attacks returned. I couldn’t get onto an elevator. I couldn’t meet with business associates in a closed room. I made a LOT of excuses.

The next years were hard to get through. I tried everything I could. I knew what they were now, but I didn’t know how to get rid of them, until I fell across a book that I can’t recall the name of.

I drove my little sports car to a spot down by the river and read the book. I cried when I saw myself explained exactly in that book. It had several therapies, mostly mind work and meditating, and some phrases to repeat. It took a while but I felt immediate partial relief and encouragement.

The panic attacks were the scariest things I had ever dealt with up till then and the idea of them coming back was chilling. But they never did.

Later, I found out that once you get these things to leave you can get rid of them at will. Once you are to that point, the fear of the attacks returning loses it’s power and you can start living a full life again.

Don’t worry, you’re going to be OK!

Riley West, an adventurer and businessman, had some real trouble with anxiety and panic attacks. Later, in his forties, Riley met with J. Barry McDonagh, the foremost expert on panic attacks. He had developed a program to cure and keep away these life ruining anxiety bouts. Go to Riley’s website for immediate transport to the solution.

Muscle Joint Pain Treatment, Symptoms and Major Causes

As an individual progress towards aging, wear and tear of the joints is common that leads to muscle and joint pains. The degeneration of the bones and cartilage occurs that causes osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis causes inflammation and tenderness of the joints followed by pains of varying intensity. But the muscle joint pain can also arise due to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE, which is also an important causative factor. Symptoms of SLE resemble almost to that of viral fever with severe attacks of pain that can really induce illness in a person.

Muscle and joint pain can affect any joints of the body but the major joints of hips, shoulders and knees are more prone to it; the obese persons being the most vulnerable to this problem.

Symptoms of SLE

1. Swelling and inflammation of the joints with pain.
2. Tenderness in the joints.
3. Sometimes there is serious inflammation of the joints that are painless.
4. General feeling of weakness, as there is loss of strength due to the inflammation of the skeletal muscles.
5. Pain in the joints may also persist while in resting condition.

Other Causes

1. Muscle injury
2. Bursitis
3. Fibromylagia
4. Tendonitis
5. Avascular bone necrosis
6. Different forms of arthritis
7. Infections

Patients suffering from the muscle and joint pains are advised both rest and physical exercises in right proportions. Those who are suffering from SLE must be extra cautious in carrying out exercises so that over strain and exertion does not deteriorate the condition of the already damaged joints and muscles. 

The exact cause of the muscle and joint pain must be detected before starting the treatment. The pains are more or less curable when detected at an early stage, but for SLE there is no permanent cure. The symptoms can be reduced to some extent to protect the organs from any serious damage. In mild cases of SLE, short courses of anti-inflammatory medicines are sufficient whereas serious cases of SLE may demand a mixed treatment with corticosteroids and other anti-inflammatory medications. Hydroxychloroquine, an anti malarial medicine is found to be highly effective in treating SLE and also prevents relapsing of this condition, if taken consistently. 

More rest and good sleep are advised by health experts for SLE patients. Sound sleep reduces the fatigue and weakness and prevents any sort of depression arising out of this disease. Moderate exercises should be carried out to keep the muscles active and toned. 

Extract from herb French maritime pine contains compounds that help in reducing the inflammation. Massaging with herbal oils of peppermint, tea tree, camphor and cayenne provides comfort by reducing the inflammation. Birch and Balsam of Tulu herbs are also beneficial in treating muscular joint pains.

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What Does The FTC Suggests On Debt Relief?

There are many agencies out there promoting their services on debt relief and offering all kind of solutions to eliminate debt. But not all solutions are efficient and some may even make things more complicated. When it comes to such important issues, it is a good idea to use the advice of those who know about the subject. Let’s see what the Federal Trade Commission suggests on this particular topic.

The main thing that the FTC suggests is that you postpone the decision of filing for bankruptcy till after you have analyzed all the other alternatives out there. This is due to the fact that bankruptcy should be considered a last resort and the FTC strongly suggests against taking that path unless absolutely necessary because the detriment that it implies to your financial and credit situations is overwhelming.

Three Options To Obtain Debt Relief

The first alternative that the FTC suggests as means to obtain debt relief, is to talk with your creditors. Sometimes you are entitled to change the terms on your repayment program by the very contract you signed or due to the law. And even if you are not, a lender will certainly prefer to negotiate a new repayment program than to pay the costly charges of collector agencies or the legal costs of a court case.

If you are not comfortable with the above task, you can hire a credit counseling agency. These agencies will negotiate with your creditors for you and they’ll put their expertise to work so as to get for you new repayment programs, lower interest rates and sometimes even cuts on your debt interests or principal. Some of these organizations are non-profit and charge little or no money but even those that are not, won’t charge you high fees and will save you a lot of money.

The FTC suggests, as another option, to consider a second mortgage or home equity line of credit. These two alternatives are financial products based on equity that provide a fair amount of money at very reasonable rates and with a flexible repayment program. However, the FTC also states that these options should be considered carefully because the loans and lines of credit based on equity are secured with your property and thus, you risk repossession if you fail to repay the money.

Costs And Other Considerations About Bankruptcy

If the above alternatives won’t do any good for you, then, bankruptcy may be the only choice. Bear in mind however, that bankruptcy is not a simple or inexpensive process. There are two types of bankruptcies: Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. The filing fees are around $300 dollars, chapter 13 being slightly cheaper. Chapter 13 provides you with some benefits like the possibility of keeping a mortgaged property and work out a repayment plan to cancel your debts with advantageous terms without having to surrender all of your assets.

Chapter 7, on the other side, is a straight bankruptcy where all your assets are sold in order to repay your debts and only after all your debts are canceled the remaining (if any) is handed over to you and your bankruptcy is discharged. Bear in mind also that not all debt is erased with a bankruptcy process and you won’t be able to keep all your assets; not even with Chapter 13.

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Heating pad in gout treatment and other ways to relieve pain

There are many different ways to ease the gout pain and work for many people. Some of the pain relieves gout treatments are charcoal and charcoal ointment, dietary supplement, holistic methods and even heating pad gout treatment. If you are use all these treatments to ease the gout pain and you willing to know the other treatments. In this article you will find some useful information about how you can minimize the further gout attacks and overcome or decrease the pain of gout attack. First of all you should consult to your doctor and physician about the ways which you use to ease the pain and discomfort. And take his advice what you should avoid during the gout treatment. Then your doctor or physician will take all these things into his considerations and he will inspect other medical conditions in your body and then he will suggest you these treatments are good for you or not and he will give you other medications which you might to take for the treatment of gout. If you do not consult with your doctor then you are putting yourself in risk of serious medical conditions which are related to the side effects of the gout medication treatment. That is why you must discuss all the things with your doctor before using any drug or any gout treatment. Heating pad is a most suggested gout treatment because heating pad is very effective to overcome the pain of gout attack. You can use heating pad as well as ice pack to ease the pain. You should not apply heating pad or ice pack more than 15 minutes. Honestly, heating pad will not completely eradicate the pain of joint but it makes the pain tolerable and much less. If you do not want a heating pad to relieve the pain and you still want to use a heating source to overcome the pain then you can use warm and cold water for the same result. Soak that particular area which is suffering from the gout in hot water for just two or three minutes and then soak that area into cold water for just 40 to 50 seconds. Continue this procedure until the pain of your joint bearable. It is a very effective gout treatment to ease the pain. Another very effective gout treatment to ease the pain is soaking that area into hot water with Epsom salt. You can get Epsom salt easily from any store. You should read the instructions which are written on the cover of this Epsom salt then use it according to the instructions. For gout treatment you should put 3 tablespoon Epsom salt in the hot water and then soak affected area for approximately thirty minutes into this water. This gout treatment surely eases the pain of your affected joint. 

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Pilates For Beginners

You may be wondering just what the craze is about Pilates.  This is one of
the fastest trends in fitness today.  So, you want to jump on the bandwagon and
try out Pilates for yourself?   First, you must begin with some basic warm-up
exercises.  They will prepare your body to safely execute more challenging
exercises in the future. Here are some beginner exercises that will help you
jump into the program:
Warm-up – Arm reach and pull
This Pilates exercise will help to establish shoulder stability.  It will
increase the awareness of scapular placement as well as movement.
.Warm-up – Arms Over
This is a fundamental exercise in Pilates.  It not only helps to improve
posture but it increases the range of motion in the shoulders and gives the
trunk more stability.
Warm-up – Angel Arms
This is a terrific exercise to perfect your understanding of how your
shoulders and arms affect the back as well as the ribcage.  This exercise will
help to develop core stabilization awareness, helps increase the range of motion
for the arms and shoulders and improves posture.
Warm-up – Imprinting
This is probably the most basic exercise in Pilates.  This exercise is
centering and deeply relaxing.  It is great for stress reduction and a good way
to center yourself before you begin any exercise routine whether it is Pilates
or not.
Chest Lift
This may look like the “crunch”, but there are some major difference
between the chest lift and the way people do a “crunch”.  Here’s how you do
• Lie on your back, knees bent keeping your feet flat on the floor.  You
want to make sure that your legs are parallel.  Now you are in a neutral spine
position and have a natural curve of your lower spine.  This creates a slight
lift off your mat.
• Bring your hands behind your head with your shoulders
down and fingertips touching each other.
• Take a few deep breaths.  Check
your body to make sure it is in the proper alignment.  Your neck should be
relaxed and your ribs should be dropped.
• Bring your head up slightly toward
your chest and then drop back down again.
The Hundred
This exercise is often used as a warm-up for the abs and lungs.  You must
coordinate your breathing with the movement and try to be strong and graceful as
well.  This is a challenging exercise.  Here’s the way to do it:
• Lie on your back with knees bent.  Your shins and ankles should be
parallel in height with the knees.  Your hands should be put behind your knees
for now.  Inhale.
• Exhale.  Your head should be brought up and your chin
down. Using your abdominal muscles, curl the upper portion of your spine off the
floor.  Your shoulders should be engaged in the back.  You should now be gazing
down into the scoop of your abs.  Hold this position and inhale.
• Exhale. 
You now want to deepen the pull of your abs while extending your legs and arms
and point toward the wall that is in front of you.  Your legs should be as low
as you can get them without shaking.  You also do not want your lower spine to
jump off the mat.  Extend your arms straight out low, and with your fingertips
reach for the far wall.  Hold this position.
• Breathe in five times and out
five times.  These should be short breaths.  As you do this, you should be
moving your arms in an up and down manner – a small pumping of your arms.  Your
abs should be doing the work while your shoulders and neck remain
• This should be done for a cycle of 10 breaths.  Now go back to
your original position. 
One Leg Circle
This is one of the best exercises in Pilates for testing your core
strength.  Your abs must work hard in order to keep the shoulders and pelvis
stable even though there is movement of your leg in your hip socket.  Here is
how to do this exercise:
• Prepare – Lie flat on your back with your arms by your sides.  Try
balancing the weight of your shoulders and hips on each side.
• Engage your
abs – Pull your abs in and anchor your shoulders and pelvis.  Extend one of your
legs toward the ceiling.  Do not lift your hips.  If your hamstrings are tight,
then the knee may be slightly bent.
• Leg Circles – Inhale. Cross the
extended leg toward your opposite hip.  Exhale.   Drop your leg a few inches. 
Open your leg out and sweep it around in a small circle back toward the center. 
You should use control and your shoulders and pelvis should be kept
• Breath and Movement Pattern – With each leg, do five circles in each
direction.  With the first set of five, inhale as you cross your body and circle
down.  Exhale as you open your leg and circle up.  With the second set of five,
you want to exhale and open your leg and circle down.  Then inhale to cross your
body and circle up.
These are just a few of the Pilates exercises that beginners should get to
be familiar with.  Remember, practice makes perfect!

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The author, Steven Giles is a 55 year old former accountant who has been
suffering from back pain for several years and has found that Pilates provides
relief from this. He lives in Greater Manchester in the North-West of