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[WATCH]: Quick and Easy Low Back Pain Relief Exercises

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Quick and Easy Low Back Pain Relief Exercises 4 program and diets for a stronger core and less back pain for $12…

Foot Pain 101: What to Do When Your Feet Need Treatment Now

When you feel that your feet are exhausted, painful, and overused, the
discomfort frequently can turn excruciating. High-impact activities can
place tremendous strain on our feet, and cause problems with our lower
body. Burning blisters, heel spurs, and shin pain
can make even walking a painful undertaking. Nevertheless, there are
several options that can help ease the pain and start the healing
process when done on a regular basis. Here are three ways to help your
feet feel better so you can get back to your life.

The First Weeks of Training Can Cause Blisters

are caused by the friction of tight shoes. They are likely to emerge on
any area of the foot, but the back of the heel is the most affected
site. Since the skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and
responsible for being our first defense against germs, a blister
shouldn’t be burst on purpose . Doctors advocate using moleskin as a
suitable choice for protecting a blister to prevent it from popping. If
a blister has already popped, it is suggested to clean the area and
apply Neosporin. Then, maintain the area wrapped with a bandage.

How to Deal with Shin Splints Challenges

athletes and runners can experience a more serious condition involving
shin splint pain. This excruciating injury is caused by excessive use
of the lower leg by running, repeated jumping, or brisk walking. The
specific nature of the injury is not well understood, but they seem to
be caused by injury to a tendon in the leg identified as the posterior
peroneal tendon. Since this injury also seems to occur in people who
tend to overpronate their feet (over-pronation is the inward rolling of
the foot), special support devices in the shoes, known as sports
insoles are especially effective.

Treatment for shin splint
pain can consist of icing the area, resting it until it is healed, and
doing activities that are non-impact such as using an elliptical or
swimming. To avoid re-injuring the area, wear sports orthotics when taking part of high-impact sports.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis Pain With Sports Orthotics

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most painful heel and foot issues to suffer from. Heel pain
happens when the plantar fascia is overstretched thus becoming swollen,
ripped, and bothered. A suitable means to treat these conditions early
on is with adequate arch support and padding, which can be provided by
using sports insoles. Ice, massage, and physical therapy are also

When your feet and legs become painful, your body is
telling you something important: it needs help. Some of the time, the
mere act of relaxing from strenuous workouts for a short period and
using sports insoles is enough. Nevertheless, when more serious
injuries develop such as shin splint pain, a doctor should be consulted
in order to adequately figure out the problem and provide proper

Whether you suffer from overpronation like 70% of the population, or you are searching for a flat feet treatment,
deficient foot biomechanics may contribute to a range of different foot
ailments. These can be prevented by wearing shoe inserts and orthotic
insoles such as the ones made by Footminders regularly.

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How Can You Do That?

The skills you need to reawaken in yourself are:

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[WATCH]: 29. Physiotherapy North Sydney: Lower Back Pain Exercise 1

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Physiotherapy in North Sydney demonstrates an easy and effective exercise for lower back pain.

Download Pain & Gain For Free

With a reported budget of just $26 million and not a robot in sight, Pain & Gain sees Michael Bay scale back. 

In his eyes, at least. As steroid-pumped as its dumb-bell protagonists, this so-bizarre-it-had-to-be-true tale may not be the sort of blockbuster he’s used to making. But the brash Bay staples – soft rock, snarling muscle cars and hot bikini bods – are all very much present and correct. 

Set in 1994, and based on a series ofMiami New Times articles, it stars Mark Wahlberg as Danny Lugo, manager of the Miami Sun gym, who’s desperate to live the American dream. 

He decides to kidnap a wealthy client – shady Colombian-American tycoon Victor Kershaw (Tony Shalhoub) – and extort him. 

Helping execute the plan are personal trainer Adrian (Anthony Mackie) and ex-con man-mountain Paul (Dwayne Johnson), a recovering addict who has found Jesus. 

With Lugo & Co as inept as the Fargo kidnappers, with the excessive ambitions of Al Pacino in Scarface, Pain & Gain is a vulgar mix of black comedy and ultra-violence – encapsulated in the scene where the trio try to run Kershaw over (Bay evocatively zooming in on his face with a tyre on it).

Running at a way-too-long 129 minutes, it’s arguably more pain than gain, not least because Bay expects us to root for a trio of unlikeable characters. 

Yet such is his frenzied, super-confident style, you get swept up despite yourself. One brilliant scene, with the action taking place simultaneously in adjacent rooms, sees the camera effortlessly yo-yoing between the two spaces, slipping in and out of keyholes and wall grates.

The performances are all suitably jacked-up, with an unhinged Johnson the stand-out. 

Fine support, too, from Ed Harris as a wily private detective and Rebel Wilson as Adrian’s blissfully ignorant nurse-cum-wife. 

What results may not be elegant or subtle, but if you’re ready for a spin in a particularly gaudy vehicle, this is for you.


Like all of Bay’s work, it’s over-the-top, brash and exhausting to watch. But like the lifestyle its characters aspire to, there’s an allure too.

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