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Poor Posture Contributing to Back Pain, Neck Pain and General Fatigue.

According to the British Chiropractic Association 32% of the population spends more than 10 hours per day sitting. It has been found from research that the 90 degree sitting position causes greater spinal disc movement than any other sitting position. 

Without careful thought and an understanding of how to maintain good posture throughout the day, whether at work or at home, illness can result caused by muscular, disc and joint disorders and constriction of blood vessels and nerves, all of which can contribute to back and neck pain, as well as headaches and fatigue.

How can we examine whether we have good posture?

One method is to simply stand in front of a full length mirror and check that your head is straight, your shoulders are level, your hips are level, your kneecaps face the front and your ankles are straight. Then look at yourself from the side and check that, your head is straight rather than slumped forwards or backwards, your chin is parallel to the floor, your shoulders are in line with your ears, your knees are straight and that there is a slight forward curve to your lower back. It is important to remember that a healthy spine is not a straight one. The spine should curve inwards at the neck, outwards at the chest and inwards at the lower back. Clearly if the two curves do not balance each other to spread the pull of gravity then the muscles, ligaments and joints have to work harder to support the weight of the head and body.

Poor posture is commonly found in the work place as we sit at computers in unsuitable office chairs and speak frequently on mobile phones.

How can we improve posture?

 Try to avoid slouching with your shoulders hunched as you work at the computer, carry heavy objects in two hands in front of you rather than on one side of the body, do not cradle your mobile phone between your neck and shoulder and try to avoid wearing high heeled shoes.

Take a good look at your office and in car seating. Ensure that it has sufficient lumbar support. If it does not then purchase a lumbar back support; memory foam products are very effective as they mould to shape to your body, as if made especially for you. Ensure that the sitting angle is correct so that pressure on the lower back is reduced. Seat wedges, in particular the coccyx cut out seat wedge, can help to relieve the pressure on the lower back and back pain whilst sitting. Also do not sit for too long in one position, take a break and walk around the office, to stretch muscles and ensure they do not become over tense.

If you feel you have poor posture then it is time to exercise the weakened part of the body to rebuild muscle strength so that it supports your skeletal structure effectively.

Visit a physiotherapist, osteopath or personal trainer and create a program designed specifically for you, providing a range of strengthening exercises for the lower body and core and corrective stretching and back extension exercises.

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Disclaimer: Professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting on any of the information given in this article.

Angus BR MacnabBSc Hons Medical Biochemistry

References: : Good Posture Helps Reduce Back Pain Good Posture Habits Strengthening Your Core

Angus BR MacnabBSc Hons Medical Biochemistry

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Joint Pain Relief through Natural Remedies and Herbal Treatments

Every individual is in the risk of having joint pains, be it due to aging or some other factors. Whatever may be the cause; it is very often unbearable and demand emergency treatment. Age related joint pains like arthritis must be controlled through proper medication and remedies to prevent crippling and disability of the body. Free movement is greatly impaired in acute cases of arthritis related joint pains with frustrations creeping in gradually. Women experience problem after menopause due to the drastic drop in the estrogen levels. 

Knee, shoulders, back and hip joints are mostly affected due to aging whereas some may experience pains in the wrists, fingers, ankles and heels.


1. Swelling and inflammation followed by acute pain.
2. Redness and tenderness of the joints.


1. Due to wear and tear of the cartilage due to aging.
2. Autoimmune disease
3. Gout
4. Physical injuries
5. Infection at joints
6. Low hormonal levels in women after menopause.


Apart from the usage of over the counter NSAID’s and steroids, following treatments are of great help in providing relief from the this problem and that too without any serious side effects.

1. Exercises play a great role in reducing various types of pains, especially swimming. Swimming in a heated pool gives the best results.

2. Bathing with Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate. This particular compound has good anti-inflammatory properties which are well absorbed by the skin. About 40 minutes of bathing gives good results.

3. Massaging with a mixture of camphor oil, menthol and eucalyptus oil on the affected areas alleviates the pains.

4. Joint pains due to arthritis can be reduced by drinking few cups of green tea regularly. Green tea has special constituents that protect the cartilage from wearing out.

5. Elimination of certain foods like meat, beef which are high in protein helps in reducing this problem. The protein can be substituted by vegetables and fish.

6. Dairy products should be avoided excluding the low fat yoghurt.

7. Alcohol consumption must be stopped totally.

8. The herb Boswelia Serrata has high anti-inflammatory properties and enhances the blood circulation to the joints that helps in reducing the pains.

9. The roots of Ashwagandha are beneficial in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis.

10. Ginger roots are also used for this treatment, which prevents the production of prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which are responsible for this problem.

11. Women need sufficient dietary calcium supplements like low fat milk, yoghurt to prevent the weakening of bones and joint pains after menopause.

12. Application of turmeric and lime paste or drinking milk adding turmeric is a good remedy to alleviate joint pains.

13. Massage with Rumatone Gold oil give good relief.

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