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Soybeans Reduce Pain Symptoms

How can soybeans act as painkillers, you may be wondering? Soy contains a very special ingredient called ?genistein.? Genistein has received a lot of press over the past number of years for its anti-cancer properties. But now researchers have discovered that genistein has strong anti-inflammatory powers that could fight pain in much the same way that painkillers do.

A research team investigated the ability of genistein to provide pain relief in a very tough arena: children who had to undergo multiple chemotherapy treatments. The researchers already knew that genistein sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiation by changing cell survival pathways. But they wanted to further investigate genistein?s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects when it came to protecting normal tissues from the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

They conducted a study in which a soy isoflavone mixture containing eight milligrams of genistein was administered to children receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation. The research team monitored the children with cancer who received their first cycle of chemotherapy without genistein and then subsequent treatments with genistein. Nine cycles of chemotherapy were administered without genistein and 57 cycles with genistein. Patients experienced less bone marrow suppression (one of the most serious side effects of chemo), mucositis (a painful side effect involving the inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract), and infection when they received genistein with chemotherapy. During supplementation, genistein levels were two to six times higher compared to pre-supplementation levels. Patients who received abdominal radiation reported less pain and diarrhea when they took the genistein supplement.

So soy can help relieve and manage pain in a significant way. What about other health benefits? You may have already heard about the heart-healthy benefits of eating soy. Even the Food and Drug Administration jumped on the bandwagon a number of years ago, allowing a health claim on food labels stating that a daily diet containing 25 grams of soy protein may reduce the risk of heart disease. What does soy have that makes it so healthy? Whole soy foods contain fiber, B-vitamins, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and, of course, protein.

There is a huge variety of foods made with soy that you can try. Here are just a few suggestions: soymilk (make a delicious smoothie by adding papaya or figs and you?ll be getting two pain-relieving foods in one); soy burgers; tofu (use it in a stir-fry, or as part of a tasty dessert); miso (great for soups); tempeh (fermented soy); and breads made with soy flour.

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Lower Back Pain Kidney

The causes of back pain come in many different forms. You can get back pain from something as simple stretching incorrectly or walking in high heels. One other way people suffer from back pain is because they have a kidney infection. The pain can radiate into the back from this kidney infection.Signs and SymptomsIf you are suffering from an uncomfortable pain in your mid back or lower back and this pain has been going on for a while, you need to go and see your doctor. This could possibly be the sign of a kidney infection or maybe your back has experienced some other trauma.If your pain is happening with the following, you can be sure that you are suffering from a kidney infection:Burning during urination – Fever – Nausea – Blood in urine (may not see)The kidneys are located just above your hips and on both sides of the spine. The pain from a kidney infection will be localized in these areas and your doctor may press on them to check for any tenderness. If you do have a kidney infection you may also start feeling pain in the waist area.A test to see if your body is fighting of infection a blood test is used. By counting the white blood cell count in a urine sample, doctors will be able tell if you have an infection.If you don’t remember any type of traumatic event that may have caused your back pain, then you may be suffering from a kidney infection. If you recall falling down or twisting awkwardly prior to the back pain then you probably know it is not from a kidney infection.Treatment for a Kidney InfectionKidney infections are caused by bacteria that gets into the bladder and moves to the kidneys. Those suffering from kidney infections will have many symptoms, including back pain. Kidney infections come in two different forms:Acute – ChronicReceiving treatment from a kidney infection is crucial to keep from damaging your kidneys. To treat for a kidney infection you will need to take antibiotics.To help relieve a severe case of kidney infection, most doctors will give you medication to help with nausea and pain. They may also decide to give you a shot of antibiotics. Your lower back pain, if caused by a kidney infection will go away once the kidney infection goes away.Pain treatment for the lower backNow if you have a pain from a trauma, this pain is not going to go away as fast as the pain from the infection. Pain brought on by back trauma can be treated by:Heating pads – Physical therapy – Topical – Oral pain medicationExtensive treatments along with rest are used if the pain was caused by these traumatic events:Stretching – Bending the wrong way – Back spasms – Strains – Herniated disks (disc) – Over doing exerciseAs you can see there is a big difference between pain from trauma and lower back pain from a kidney infection.Don’t anguish anymore from back pain. Imagine how good it would feel to be back pain free. Get your FREE ebook now! Find the Causes of Lower Back Pain and start getting relief you need.

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People worldwide suffer from back pain and many believe that resting will solve the pain.