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Strengthen Your Spine with Exercises for Back Pain

The spine region is a complex interconnecting node of muscles, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons, responsible for supporting the body weight, and wear and tear in all or either of these results in acute pain. Although the pain originates near the spine, it can be radiated to other areas of the body like the arms, feet or leg. The pain experienced could either be constant or just intermittent. A number of other symptoms might be associated with the back pain. These include numbness, weakness or tingling sensation. Studies over the world have recorded that back pain in the spine is the fifth most common reason for a visit to a physician.

There are a number of ways in which one could avoid acute back pain or treat it. One of the most important of which is exercising. It is very crucial to exercise back pain. Low physical activity is a central cause of excruciating back pain. Stretching exercises are extremely beneficial as they help strengthening the muscles that support the spine. These muscles include the abdomen, back and hip muscles. Stretching of these muscles lengthens the short muscles which in turn relives the back pain and eventually ensures the correct mobility of the spine. Exercises for the back pain ensure very importantly the correct alignment of your body parts which helps in relieving the pain. Yoga is a very important form of back pain exercise and assists in strengthening, elongating and aligning the spine and the muscles around it. Yoga also enhances the flexibility of the spine. Aerobic exercises are also meant to relax the spinal muscles.

Exercises for back pain are not similar to exercises meant for weight loss. These are not strenuous and do not require the use of weights. Further these back exercises can be done in the comfort of your home and do not require the use of specialized equipments. Medical practioners and physical therapist are increasingly recommending exercises for back pains. Essentially, these exercises are meant to ensure lumbar stabilization for better back health. By strengthening, loosening and conditioning the back muscles, it enables the spinal muscles to support the body weight thus minimizing back pain. Further they also enhance the endurance capacity of the muscles and hasten the recovery process.

The most common form of back pain exercise that physiotherapist advice is pilates. Pilates exercises are meant to strengthen the spinal cord which is responsible for holding back joints stable as we move. Pilates is one of the best exercising forms for spinal cord stability as a strong spinal cord is the most valuable organ the body can have to control lower back pain.

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How to Treat Back Pain?

One of the causes of back pain Lexington KY is herniated disc. This phenomenon can rise in a person?s body due to many reasons. Most common reason is due to the age of the patient. There are in total two factors on which this disease depends upon. These include the worsening of symptoms of other disease and activities of the patient. If this is the cause of your back pain, then the herniated disc treatment starts with taking rest. Some activities encourage the symptoms to become severe. As the activities can be anything for anyone, so rest is recommended. 
Another common method to relieve chiropractor Lexington KY  is to apply heat and ice. Applying ice and heat allow the back muscles to relax. They would not solve the issue but would defiantly reduce the pain by a great margin. There are certain exercises which come under the heading of herniated disc treatment. It would be wise that you do not try these exercises on your own. A wrong posture could worsen the situation for you. it is best that you do these exercises under the supervision of a professional.
Back pain Lexington KY can be reduced by medications known as NSAIDs. These are not steroids, rather anti inflammatory medicines. Keep in mind that these medicines only numb the senses which make you feel pain; they do not cure you. There are many other medications which one can take. It would be best that you get a checkup and use only the prescribed medicines.

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Tuckahoe chiropractor Spinal Care Therapy

If you have been in an accident, suffered an injury or
experience chronic back, neck or leg pain your regular physician may prescribe
drugs that may make you drowsy and tired or may even recommend to seek the
advice of a surgeon. However, before you decide to take drugs or go under the
knife, consult the Tuckahoe chiropractor professionals at Spine Care.


Dr. Caruso of Spine Care may be able to help you return to
your pain-free condition by using spinal decompression therapy.  This type of treatment is not just about a
one time fix but about repeated treatments to realign your spine, relieve the
pressure on your disks and retain the most comfortable and beneficial body


Tuckahoe chiropractic professionals will usually start the
first consultation with an x-ray that could reveal the location of the
misalignment or the bulging or herniated disk or disks. They will recommend the
most beneficial course of treatment for your condition and will assure that you
are able to resume your regular activities free of pain.


The professionals at Spine Care address the underlying cause
of your pain by identifying which specific part of the spine has been
incorrectly repositioned following strain or damage. The treatments at your
Tuckahoe chiropractor are painless and relaxing and you will leave the office
feeling invigorated.


Find relief from pain with treatments from Tuckahoe
chiropractor at Spine Care and return your body to its optimal posture, free of
pain and full of renewed energy.

Here is what Maryann from Dobbs Ferry in Westchester County had to say:

“I’ve suffered from back pain at
least four years. I was formally a carpenter…and now I’m retired. Before
coming to Dr. Caruso I did physical therapy, which I couldn’t complete. I did
acupuncture, which helped a little bit. I went for a year getting shots in my
back, which I became immune to, which no longer helped and my last resort was
Dr. Caruso before getting an operation. Dr. Caruso suggested that I go into his
SpineMED program…From then I’ve been progressively and am very well. I have
no pain…I’m doing all the activities I’ve done before my back pain started.
The overall experience is the best experience I’ve had…I can function without
any pain.”

You can see the video testimonial here:

In January 2002, Dr. Caruso was one of the first chiropractors to introduce
this breakthrough technology to Westchester County. Since then, Dr. Caruso’s
Scarsdale, NY based facility, Spine Care, has established a unique precedent
with the success of pre and post MRI scans. His impressive results have now
inspired a large network of referring physicians and chiropractors (throughout
Westchester County and Manhattan) who work closely with Dr. Caruso.





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Herniated Disk as a Cause of Back Pain

The disks located in your spinal column act as divisions between each vertebra. Unlike the other elements comprising your skeletal structure, these disks do not contain blood vessels and nerves. Rather, they are made up of water, fats, and tissues that connect to your skeletal structure. These disks undergo a never-ending cycle of leaking and restoring water all day. Their fat and water content are well-balanced and thick, but it normally begins to thin out as a person ages. This thinning of the water and fats in your spinal disks is often what leaves you at risk of osteoarthritis. It is also one of the common causes of lower back pain.
The exterior or outer portion of your spinal disks is known as the annulus fibrosis. It is composed of concentric sheets of collagen fibres that surround its soft inner core. The primary function of these disks is to act as a shock absorber for your spinal column as well as ligaments that hold your vertebrae together. Your spinal disks have an amazing combination of strength and flexibility that can withstand high levels of pressure. However, there are some factors that damage or interrupt your disks? strength and flexibility and when that happens, major problems can occur.
When part of a spinal disk weakens, it can rupture, pushing a part or the entire disc out of its normal boundaries. This occurrence is known as a herniated disk or a slipped disk. In medical terms, herniated disks are identified according to which particular disk is affected. For instance, L4-L5 means that the herniation occurred between lumbar segments 4 and 5, which are located towards the bottom of the spine. Another common slipped disk occurrence is at C5-6, which is at the cervical spine. 
The common causes of herniated disks are accidents, trauma, overstraining of the back and neck, improper lifting of heavy object, disk degeneration, weak ligaments, and congenital bone deformity. The most common symptoms of herniated disks that occur in the lumbar area are lower back pain that radiates down the buttocks and legs, weakness, numbness, and tingling sensations down the legs and feet. For herniated disks in the cervical area, the common symptoms are stiffness around the neck, weakness, numbness, neck pain that radiates down the arms and hands, tingling sensations around the hands, fatigue in the upper regions of the body, atrophy of the biceps and triceps, limited range of movement in the back muscles and lumbar pain.
Although the spinal disks do not contain nerves or blood vessels, any damage cause to them can still result in pain because when a disk is pushed out of its normal alignment, surrounding nerves are usually pinched. Most often, your doctor will be able to diagnose a herniated disk through testing of your sensations, muscle strength, and reflexes. X-rays and an MRI may also be ordered. Depending on the results and other factors such as your age and the symptoms you exhibit, your doctor can map out a treatment plan that may include rest, activity modification, ice and heat applications, physical therapy, and medication.

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