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[WATCH]: Louis Lessard: 3 Cervical Disc replacement

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Louis Lessard, 48 years old, injured in a hockey game couple of years ago , needed 3 disc replacements, I did research on the internet to reach India`s Forti…

[WATCH]: Traction Therapy to Reduce Cervical Disc Bulge

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GTC North Dallas.

[WATCH]: 5 Tips to Stop Back Pain

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Dr. Vijay Vad, author of “Stop Pain”, shares five tips to help stop and prevent back pain.

[WATCH]: Treatment of herniated disc with TESSYS method lateral – Bandscheiben-OP mit TESSYS-Methode lateral

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English: The TESSYS® Endoscopic disc surgery not only requires the surgeon’s dexterity, but also background methods and technology which create optimum surgi…


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Sri.N.SHESHAGIRI is renowned Yoga Master who has taught yoga to many celebrities and VIP’S of America, Europe, Africa and France. His many programs have been…