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Back Pain Wayne

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herniated disc solution – Back Institute

Why is our procedure the safest? No “minimally invasive” damage

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Slipped Disk’s

Cant you see.

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After 25+ Back Pain Surgeries (Patient lost count) Donald Found the Right Surgeon

Donald was helping move some boxes one day at work when someone dropped their box and items broke. Donald was at the time carrying a heavy box and quickly turned to see what had happened. Everyone around him heard a loud snap and that sound came from Donalds back. Donald new something was very wrong with his lower back. Donald describes the pain as very sharp, very electric – immediate pain to the low back and down my legs. Donald quickly lost sensation in both his legs and was rushed to the hospital. The hospitals Doctor essentially said that everything was fine, that he needed to take it easy and eventually he will be able to go back to work; just take your medication for the pain. Donald did not realize how serious his injuries were and took the doctors advice but the pain just kept getting worse. Over a period of many years, he saw other doctors that tried different treatments and operations, from cortisone injections to a spinal cord stimulator, over 25+ operations (Donald lost count) but his condition just got worse and worse. He finally was referred to Dr. Hamada. Donald was skeptical having been through so many operations already that did not help, but he elected to go ahead and trust Dr. Hamada after researching Dr. Hamadas background. Donald said, his background was unbelievable – flawless background.

Dr. Hamada showed Donald how his discs were gone, essentially bone on bone. He had bone inflammation and pinched nerves due to the severely degenerated lumbar discs. Donald was not able to walk when he went to see Dr. Hamada. Dr. Hamada performed a laminectomy, discectomy, and fusion of the L5-S1 vertebra. Donald said, the following morning after the surgery, I was able to stand up and walk! Immediately after surgery, were talking hours. By the middle part of the second day in the hospital, Donald was walking around his floor so much that he could see he was starting to get annoying to the hospital staff as he was making 20 to 30 trips around his floor at a time. I was just enjoying referring to his regained ability to walk.

Donald left the hospital on the 3rd day and walked out. Donald used the brace and the walker as instructed by Dr. Hamada, but after a week he said he did not need them anymore. Within 5 days Donald went back to work. At the time the video was taken, Donald had been out of surgery for 9 weeks and Dr. Hamada had released him to do light exercise even jogging. Donald just wishes that he would have met Dr. Hamada sooner.

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Yoga for Lower Back Pain : What Causes Lower Back Pain

Learn about the causes of lower back pain when using yoga poses for lower back pain relief in this free exercise video from a hatha yoga instructor.

Expert: Elizabeth Rose
Bio: Elizabeth Rose is a registered Hatha yoga teacher with a background in modern dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and circus arts.
Filmmaker: randy primm

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