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The Basics of Back Pain (Back Pain #1)

Tired of needing your sick days for days when you’re back hurts? Understanding the basics of back pain is the first step to ensuring that it doesn’t stop you short!

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New Cervical Disc Replacement

In Aug. 28, 2008, St. Vincent’s Spine & Brain Institute’s Medical Director for Neurology, Eric Gabriel, M.D. , FACS, performed the first ProDisc Cervical Total Disc Replacement at St. Vincent’s HealthCare. The patient was a 44-year-old faux painter who said his arm pain was so bad that he would have to lie down when it flared up. He also had difficulty turning to check his blind spots while driving. The surgery only required a small incision in front of the neck to get to the unhealthy disc. During the 60-minute procedure, Dr. Gabriel and an operating room staff of about six associates, removed the patient’s degenerative disc at the C5 level of the spine and implanted the new artificial disc that allows for continued range of motion. Until now, the only alternative surgery was a spinal fusion, which involved fusing bones together by implating bone grafts and metal plates and screws. Spinal fusions have been done for 60 years and are pretty tried and true. But the procedure has long term consequences because the spine is not used to being fused together and it can create some increased stress on levels above and below th fusion, Dr. Gabriel said. Patients who undergo the ProDisc-C replacement will hopefully be more active after surgery because we are now able to preserve the range of motion. If we fused the spine, it would tend to limit their activity.

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Herniated Disc Treatment Options provides herniated disc treatment options without drugs or surgery.

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What is a Slipped Disc |

A slipped disc is a problem many people think of when they have neck pain or lower back pain. Find out today what is a slipped disc and what does it look like when you have a disc bulge or disc herniation in your spine.

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Degenerative Disc Disease: How To Stop Sciatica and Back Pain Get real answers to your most URGENT back pain, neck pain, or sciatica questions. Click here for instant access:

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