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+1 416 481 1936 TORONTO CANADA. DON’T PAY $4000 or $5000. At out clinics DISCS ARE HEALED WITH THE COMPUTERIZED DIGITAL DISC DECOMPRESSION DEVICE WITH EMG BIOFEEDBACK …FOR A REASONABLE COST. Our results are excellent and often better than those clinics which just put on hot packs and then throw you on the machine then show you out the door,. Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors. A lot of clinics have them and will tell you why their fancy looking machines are better. This is absolutely unproven and simply not the case. Although our machine is state of the art and expensive, its use is not labour intensive and we do not believe in over charging our patients. If you come to our multidisciplinary clinic, you will receive top notch care from a team of doctors and therapists who will provide you with everything you need to recover from your disc condition. All programs include various combinations of Trigenics, physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, osteopathic medicine and chiropractic if needed.

416 481 1936

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Bulging Disc Therapy and Herniated Disc Treatment, New Jersey – Treatment for Herniated and Bulging disc. Learn more on our website and find a physician. Patients who have tried traditional surgery without success for herniated or bulging disc, lower back pain, pinched nerves are great candidates for this minimally invasive procedure. This minimally invasive technique is used by physicians in New Jersey, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta and is getting rave reviews.

The idea of using high pressure water that washes away lower back pain, and getting back to work quickly is what’s most appealing to patients who qualify for this procedure. Please visit to learn more on this non invasive procedure.

We have partnered with physicians in Boston, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Baltimore, and Dallas who can treat your herniated and bulging disc given you qualify. To find out See our to learn more how this break through medical device called spinejet can help alleviate the lower back pain experienced by herniated and bulging disc without using traditional surgical methods.

If you are a Physician looking to expand your techniques and offerings see our Physician portal located at

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Herniated disc

Herniated disc with Sciatica Nerve Pain

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Top 3 Exercises for Lower Back Arthritis, Stenosis, and Disc Disease.

Chad Madden, owner of Madden Physical Therapy, demonstrates the top 3 exercises for relief of lower back pain associated with arthritis, stenosis, and DDD.

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(714) 978-4311 ~ Slipped Disc Relief Los Angeles, CA
(714) 978-4311 ~ Sciatica Treatment Huntington Beach

Back Pain Relief Huntington Beach
California’s Premiere Non-Surgical Spine Care Center
18055 Bushard Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
$0 Consultation (714) 978-4311

714-978-4311 ~ Back Pain Relief Huntington Beach. Chronic back pain is a condition that results when you don’t take your back pain seriously by seeking immediate treatment or the most effective treatment. If you want Back Pain Relief from chronic back pain or know of someone who is, the specialists at our Back Pain Relief Huntington Beach Non-Surgical Spine Care Center can help. Back Pain Relief Huntington Beach treats Chronic Back Pain without the use of:

+Injections or

Chronic Back Pain Huntington Beach Statistics:

85% of the U.S. population will face at some time in their life Chronic back pain.
An estimated 93 million workdays are lost each year with Workers Comp injuries at the top. It is a condition that keeps 6.5 million people in bed every day.
The leading reason for disability of people under the age of 45.
The second leading surgical procedure. There are close to 500,000 spine surgeries in the U.S. alone annually. Again, Back Pain Relief Huntington Beach treats chronic back without the use of: Drugs, Injections or Surgery.

Back Pain Relief Huntington Beach Identification of Chronic Back Pain Causes Include:

Cancer, Tumors, Neoplasm, Inflammatory Arthritis and Infection, Fractures and Dislocations, Degenerative Disc Disease, Disc Herniation and Bulging Disc, Facet Syndrome/Synovitis/Capsulitis, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis/Degenerative Joint Disease, Spondylolisthesis, Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), Sprains and Strains, Compression Fracture, Cancer, Discitis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Ligament Hypertrophy, Obesity, Trauma, Pregnancy, Radiculopathy, Sciatica, Scoliosis

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