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Operative procedure of Micro Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy (MECD) for C5/6 cervical disc herniation

Micro Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy (MECD) is one of the minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS) for cervical disc herniation. This method is characterized by using a tubular retractor system (Medtronic, Inc. 16 mm diameter) and unique visualization through the oblique lens (25 degree). The benefits of this system are reduction of tissue or muscle trauma, and providing of a clear and wide visualization of the operative field. Although the procedure consists of foraminotomy and subsequent discectomy, usually foraminotomy is enough to relieve the nerve root compression. This clip shows the technique performed by Dr. KOGA who is the chief of endoscopic spinal surgery in our hospital.

Our hospital can admit foreign patient suffered from disc herniation.
If you want to know more detail, please contact our administration office or Medical Excellence JAPAN.

Our administration office

Duration : 0:5:21

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– ??Rose of Pain -YOSHIKI presents~Eternal Melody?Disc 2?

YOSHIKI presents~Eternal Melody

Duration : 0:7:35

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Neck Pain. Herniated Disc of the neck and arm pain

Herniated Disc in the neck. Why it causes arm pain and neck pain. What are the different treatment options. HOW ABOUT SURGERY. Surgery can be avoided!

Duration : 0:9:8

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How To Sleep With A Disc Bulge Neuromuscular Therapist Sam Visnic teaches you how to sleep properly when you have a disc bulge or disc herniation.

Duration : 0:8:10

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Athens, GA Chiropractic Care for Disc Pain Relief – Dr. Bar

Athens, GA Chiropractic Care for Disc Pain Relief – Dr. Barry Hitchcock

Family Chiropractic of Athens
2330 W. Broad Street
Athens, GA 30606

Duration : 0:2:18

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