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Rick Sasso, M.D. – Cervical Artificial Disc – An Overview

In this video Dr. RIck Sasso, an orthopaedic spine surgeon with Indiana Spine Group, provides an overview of a spine surgical procedure called cervical arthroplasty or cervical disc replacement. This surgical procedure is an alternative to spinal fusion.

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Herniated Disc Vitamin C “Cure” (Part 2) Continuing on the subject of pH as it pertains to high-dose Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) an important follow-up to my previous video describing how I used ascorbic acid to resolve my pain quite quickly.

Used female eye-candy as the backdrop in my first vid…Using male eye-candy to sorta stay with the “eye candy” theme, making everyone happy. 😉

Ascorbic Acid is “acid-forming” in the body. It will “lean” the body acid, towards acidosis, where our bodies need to lean alkaline for optimum health.

Symptoms of acidosis: muscle weakness, shortness of breath, fatigue, bone and joint pain/arthritis. The issue of pH is SO under-addressed in our society that many researchers, scientists and alternative doctors believe it could be the sole cause of countless of our ailments.

And I am not far from agreeing 100%.

In keeping with the theme of my channel here, focusing on health first, and giving away for free any/all ways to reduce or eliminate pain, I implore anyone in pain to first and foremost focus on alkalinizing their bodies, primarily through diet, and not by “force.” If you begin taking in green smoothies or juices, for instance, and begin to notice improvement in your condition(s) within a few days…you can be fairly certain your condition is largely based on having a body leaning too far into acidosis.

Stick with it, and over a few months, you may experience remarkable results, as people so often do.

It just so happens that about 90% of the foods found in the grocery store contribute to acid-forming conditions in the body; processed foods, meats, pasteurized dairy, refined sugars/flours, most grains…the list goes on and on.

It’s no wonder so many people are suffering from SO many ailments.

Research the people whose fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, tendonitis is being resolved via alkaline-forming diets. We don’t have to go all-out raw foods here, although I do in part support that lifestyle. We simply have to learn how to gently alkalinize the body for the long-haul.

It’s hard for a lot of people to believe that indeed, food can be our medicine. Many will unfortunately not believe it until they’re outright forced to make lifestyle changes, due to pain or other issues.

Then they learn what the rest of us figured out; clean eating not only makes us look great and feel good, it actually resolves countless of our troublesome pain symptoms. Magic happens when you feed the body what the body needs…and on more levels than we can even comprehend.

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace………….Tim 🙂

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Migraine Headache, Disc, Neck, Back Pain

DrGregKramer Headache, Disc, Neck, Back PainMigraine Headache, Disc, Neck, Back Pain

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Understanding an MRI of Cervical Nerve Compression | Neck Pain | Colorado Spine Surgeon

Dr. Donald Corenman, MD, DC ( | 970-479-5895) is a Colorado spine surgeon practicing in Vail, CO at the prestigious Steadman Spine Clinic. He has extensive experience in diagnosing all conditions of the spine and uses state-of-the-art technologies and advanced surgical techniques to treat patients with disorders, injuries and degenerative conditions associated with the spine.

As one of the most reputable Colorado spine surgeons, Dr. Corenman is very passionate about educating fellow colleagues and patients about specific neck, back and spine-related conditions and the treatment options that are available. You can learn more about Dr. Corenman, his practice, the spine conditions he treats and review his vast library of resources including neck pain treatment by visiting his website at

Dr. Corenman is a Colorado spine surgeon and expert and is skilled in all conditions relating to the cervical spine. He created this video “Understanding an MRI of Cervical Nerve Compression” to help primary care physicians or specialists, such as a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist, to learn how to read these specific MRIs.

Understanding an MRI of cervical nerve compression that may ultimately cause neck pain becomes crucial because just because there might be a compressed nerve, doesn’t necessarily mean there will be symptoms. This is why the patient physical examination is so important.

Within the cervical spine, the foramen (or holes the nerves exit from) take some time to visualize and understand what is normal and what is narrowed or compressed. ?The uncovertebral joint can enlarge by bone spur formation and can compress the nerve. A disc herniation can also compress the nerve and that has a different appearance from the uncovertebral joint spur. (Please see the video Cervical Foraminal Stenosis for an explanation of the spur and what it looks like in an anatomic model). Understanding an MRI of cervical nerve compression will help accurately diagnose the condition at hand.

Visit Dr. Corenman’s website to learn more about the anatomy of the spine and other conditions associated with the neck pain. Other resources:

Download spine images for free at:

To review a diverse selection of Dr. Corenman’s neck, back and spine presentations, visit:

To visit Dr. Corenman on LinkedIn, visit:

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Disc Herniations – How to Treat Low Back Pain

Downtown Toronto Chiropractor Dr. Jory Basso gives you five tips to help with low back pain caused by disc herniations and disc bulges. These tips can easily be done from home!

Check out, follow me on Twitter @DrJoryBasso and get your health on!

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