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My Herniated Disc and Low Back Pain-Healed!

They wanted to do surgery but with chiropractic care my pain is relieved., chiropractor, in Brooklyn NY and Rockland County NY 718-853-4927, 845-425-3232

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Herniated Disc Aquatic Therapy in HydroWorx Pool

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The patient diagnosed with a herniated disk in the lower back region and began aquatic therapy to avoid surgery. Rehabilitation took place under the direction of Veronica Paquette, Physical Therapist, in a HydroWorx physical therapy pool and on underwater treadmill at Essex Aquatics & Rehab Center, in Essex, Vermont.

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Cervical Neck Care Part 1 Dr Matthew Brown Chelsanna Systems.wmv

Neck pain, pinched nerve, herniated disc in the cervical spine, neck stiffness, muscle spasm, stenosis, degenerative osteoarthritis, trigger points, muscle knots – all of these conditions can be the result of old injuries such as whiplash, wrestling, and even injuries that you might not imagine as actual injuries such as neck trauma on the day a baby is born. Cervicogenic headaches, TMJ, bruxism, and torticollis are conditions that might result. This presentation teaches how to minimize the degenerative momentum from spinal joint dysfuction, facet syndrome, and herniated disc.

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B 024 Halswirbel Bandscheibenvorfall / prolapsed vertebral cervical disc SD/PAL

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Description: The seven vertebral bodies of the cervical spine are aligned as a stable row. The spinal disks between the vertebral bodies allow for the flexibility of the spine and serve as a buffer against external forces. In a slipped disk parts of the disk protrude and impinge on the nerve. Patients with a disk prolapse in the cervical spine have neck pain that radiates into the shoulder and arm. Pain is often associated with paresthesias and a feeling of tingling or numbness in the arm and the hand.

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Back Treatment, Herniated Discs, Back Support – Traction Device Disk Dr. WG30

Disk Dr. Waist WG30 back treatment and support belt recommended for lower back pain relief, herniated disc, sciatica

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