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Louis Lessard: 3 Cervical Disc replacement

Louis Lessard, 48 years old, injured in a hockey game couple of years ago , needed 3 disc replacements, I did research on the internet to reach India`s Fortis Hospitals, Dr. Rajakumar treated me very well. A wonderful support of doctors, nurses and customer service. The suites they put us have every-thing you can`t ask for more.

Duration : 0:3:23

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Herniated disc segmentation using 3DSlicer

Segmentation of a Disc Herniation from MRI using 3D Slicer

Surgical Planning Laboratory,
Brigham & Women’s Hospital,
Harvard Medical School

Duration : 0:1:38

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Slipped Disc treatment

Dr Joseph’s Ayurveda ( ) – Ayurvedic Treatement India Slipped Disc treatment in Bangalore, India

Duration : 0:2:8

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Is your arm pain or headache due to a neck problem

Dr. Michael Pritsker from is interviewed on Fox6 San Diego Living talking about how arm pain and headaches may be due to a problem in your neck.

Duration : 0:4:18

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Cervical Disc Herniation

This medical 3D animation shows a bulging intervertebral disc in the cervical (neck) region. The nucleus pulposus ruptures through the annulus fibrosus and impinges the nerve root. ANC00090

Duration : 0:0:36

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