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Minimally Invasive Outpatient Spine Surgery — Anterior Cervical Disc & Fusion

Dr. Jeffrey Dick, orthopedic spine surgeon at Twin Cities Orthopedics explains an anterior cervical disc & fusion as an outpatient treatment procedure for patients who present with neck and arm pain in relation to disc herniation and or bone spurs.

Duration : 0:3:10

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Matt Poe Rehab Video During Herniated Disk Injury (3)

Matt Poe starts his day off at 4:15. In the pool at 5. Out of the pool at 8. Physical therapy at some time for a few hours and ending the night with a workout with Coach Wade Johnson from about 7 to 9. Matt still has not much leg or hip drive, but muscle recruitment is taking place in the lower back as he benches. In this video he shows his total body warmup, multifidus work, bench work up to 350 after only doing 185 a few weeks ago. He still uses a small platform under each foot.

He has made tremendous progress!! His heart is a lion’s heart.

Duration : 0:9:20

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Osunlade – Momma’s Groove (Jimpster’s slipped disc remix) remixed

A progressive remix of Jimpster’s slipped disc remix

Duration : 0:7:36

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The Natural Course of Intervertebral Disc Herniations – Preferred Pain Center Phoenix (602) 507-6550

The Natural Course of Disc Hernations shows that surgery is unnecessary most of the time. Disc Herniations, also known as “slipped discs” are discussed by David Greene, MD, CEO of Preferred Pain Management Center in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ. Call us at (602) 507-6550 and visit

Duration : 0:4:11

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Artificial Disc Treatment for Cervical Disc Disease

View full program at – Until recently, spinal fusion was the surgical solution to cervical disc disease. Halifax Health invites you to watch footage of a Artificial Discectomy performed by William Kuhn, MD and join in a LIVE online discussion with the doctor and patient, Ali Rabatsky. Watch, “Artificial Disc Treatment for Cervical Disc Disease”, September 9th at 7:00 on ORLive.

Duration : 0:0:47

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