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Cervical Disc Cage Fusion (pre-2000 News Clip)

Cages have been used since 1992 to help fuse lumbar vertebra. Interbody cage fusion uses a hollow threaded titanium or carbon fiber cylinder to fuse two vertebrae together. The diseased disk is removed and two interbody cages are placed in the opening where the diseased disk has been removed. The cages are filled with bone graft. The bone grows through the holes in the cages fusing the vertebrae.

How does it work? The fusion cage component maintains the spacing and temporarily stabilizes the diseased region of the spine, while the InFUSEâ„¢ Bone Graft component is used to form bone which would permanently stabilize (fuse) this portion of the spine.

When is it used? The device is used in the lower region of the spine (L4-S1) to treat degenerative disc disease.

What will it accomplish? A clinical study showed that the use of this device was as safe and effective in promoting spinal fusion as the same fusion cage component filled with autograft bone.

Visit or call 888-774-6376 for more information.

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How To Exercise With A Disc Bulge

Neuromuscular therapist Sam Visnic from shows you exercises for disc bulges.

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Mr.A.S Raghavan treated for slipped disc by Dr vijay sarvotham

Ret.Bank employee seeks Dr. Vijay Sarvotham’s Magical Touch!
He has a message to all about his expierence and recovery.

Meet Mr. A. S Raghavan, Ret. Bank employee who had been suffering acute back pain and now has attained great relief.
He describes Dr. Vijay Sarvotham’s technique as ‘THE BEST PAIN MANAGEMENT’.

He narrates his experience’ The surgeons he had been consulting in the past had all ruled out all possibilities other than immediate surgery for L4, L5 lumbar disc collapsed, His friend from Dubai referred him here and the Magic has worked

His message to All: Anybody with any pain or problem with Spine aliments should seek Dr. Vijay Sarvotham therapy first even before trying any other option. Its Invasive an alternate to surgery.

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Top 5 Things for Herniated Disc Pain Relief – Video 7

The Top 5 Things You Can Do at Home to Relieve Your Herniated Disc Pain Fast, and with Little or No Money – Discover 5 reliable methods of eliminating herniated / bulging disc pain that can be done from the comfort of your home, do not require a visit to a doctor, and will cost little or no money!

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Cervical Disc Herniation
Cervical Disc Herniation – Discover the top 3 things you can do from home to alleviate your pain from a cervical disc herniation.

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