Male Organ Pain after Intimacy – Is it Normal?

is more than mere pushing, pulling and groaning. Often, it’s an emotional
experience that can bring two people together in ways they never imagined. When
both parties are satisfied, they may want to keep touching one another, keeping
their bodies in close contact. Unfortunately, some men develop such intense
male organ pain symptoms after release that the lightest touch brings them
pain. These men may feel as though there’s something amiss that only intense male organ care can cure. Others may feel as though
something is wrong because they DON’T feel intense sensation following release.
In reality, both of these groups of men may just need to know a little more
about male organ anatomy.


male organ is lined with a network of nerve fibers that transmit signals of
both pleasure and pain from the privates to the brain. These little cells work
best when they’re pushed to the surface by a deep pool of blood. They have the
nourishment to function properly, and they’re positioned to receive the maximum
amount of information. During an erection, these cells are firing at an
incredibly rapid rate, and they hit overdrive when a man is about to reach the
peak of pleasure. When that moment passes, however, the blood begins to slide
into the other parts of a man’s body. This transition takes time, however, and
those little nerve cells may still be working quickly as the blood fades away.

men experience intense sensations for minutes, and when their erections are
gone, the sensitivity is gone as well. Other men have leftover sensitivity for much
longer periods of time, with some men feeling the change for as long as 15
minutes. There are some men, however, who don’t experience this issue at all,
and who remain ready to plunge back into action almost immediately.


easy to believe that all men should be the same and should feel the same
things, and that men who don’t respond in ways their mates find familiar have
something wrong with them. In general, this isn’t a healthy way to view the
human body. Each man has his own circuitry and his own way of behaving, and as
long as his body’s responses don’t change dramatically from one day to the
next, there’s no real cause for concern. Some men might be able to jump back
in. Others might not. Being kind and accepting of the way the body works might
mean a man enjoys intimacy a little more, instead of comparing his body to the
bodies of others.

being said, there are some things men can do to deal with post-intimacy male
organ pain. Men like this might:

Focus on touching their partners,
rather than being touched
Use their words to express
feelings of closeness after intimacy, rather than using their bodies
Strip sheets and blankets
from the bed before intimacy, to avoid post-intimacy contact with these
Discuss the issue with
intimate partners in advance, to avoid any awkwardness

who don’t experience enhanced feelings after intimacy may not ever be able to
capture those intense feelings, and they might not even want to do so if they
could. But there are some things these men can do in order to make their male
tissues just a little more responsive. Using gentle techniques during
masturbation, focusing on gentle touch rather than hard tugs, and ensuring that
ample lubrication is a part of any intimacy session might be a good place to
start. Using a male organ health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man
 might also be helpful.
These products contain vitamins that that nourish nerve cells in the male
organ, and they can help to soften scar tissue, allowing nerve cells to move
toward the surface, where they belong. With this kind of attention, a man might
enjoy his moment in the sun a little more, even if he doesn’t experience
intense sensitivity when the moment has passed. 

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How to Win Back a Girlfriend – Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

First things
first, no break up is ever final! I know that’s tough to hear right now
without your girlfriend by your side but it’s true. Think about how
many people you know that get back together, is it becoming more and
more common these days? It sure is. Now, you need to take the first
step to turn things around and win back your girl.

How To Win Back A Girlfriend Tips

1. Put down the phone – step away from the computer

I can’t begin to tell you how many times people will shoot
themselves in the foot when they have every chance in the world to get
their ex back. How? Well they will continue to call, message, email and
look at their online activities. No one likes a stalker and this
includes your girlfriend. Stop all contact immediately!

2. Accept the break up

Oh no did you say? Do it, and do it now, tell your girl that you
understand that your relationship is over and that you respect her
decision. This will show your girl you are not desperate and needy,
more importantly it will show her that you respect her and her decision

3. Give your girlfriend some space

Don’t want to give her space? Want to hear her voice and see her
face, well join the rest of us who love someone dearly. This is where
you need to control your heart and think with your head, you have
everything to gain right now if you play your cards right.

her time to gather her thoughts and for emotions to settle. You need to
accept the fact that this is part of the process of learning how to win
back a girlfriend.

4. Turning the tables

Confidence, positivity and an happy outlook on life are
characteristics that are attractive to both men and women, don’t think
your girl is any different.

Become the person your ex fell in
love with, show her that the person she cared for is still right in
front of her. By giving her space and time, avoiding all contact she
will begin to question why you have had a chance of heart and what has
brought out your new outlook on life. She may feel unwanted, unloved
and begin questioning whether you have met someone else!

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Arthritis Pain Relief Remedies and Natural Treatments That Work

Arthritis pain relief is very important for arthritis patients. Since this disease is chronic and there is no treatment that can put a final end to it, all there’s left for patients to do is to find ways of coping with the pain and of reducing the inflammation that causes the pain. It is of uttermost importance to receive an early diagnosis of arthritis because if left untreated, the illness can lead to serious complications and to unimaginable sufferings, including inability to move. 

Although modern medicine has developed some prescribed drugs that are suppose to help arthritis patients in what concerns pain, they are not very effective because they also produce side effects like gastrointestinal problems. This being the case, most of the sufferers are in constant search of natural remedies that are capable of providing arthritis pain relief without side effects. Fortunately, there are many herbs containing anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds. There are also essential oils which, if massaged on the painful joint, provide relief from the pain.

Some of the most efficient natural remedies that offer arthritis pain relief are –

1. Sesame oil – If you massage you joints with heated sesame oil before going to bed, you will alleviate the pain.

2. Mustard oil or coconut oil mixed with camphor – it should also be used for massaging the joints.

3. Turmeric – It is the yellow pigment contained by cucurmin. The recommended dose is between 400-600 mg. three times a day. Its action is similar with those of cortisone drugs and it reduces the inflammation significantly. It is considered a safe remedy for arthritis, but studies have not been made on pregnant and breast feeding women yet. 

4. Wild yam tea – It has a long history in treating arthritis because of a substance called diosgenin. Two or three cups a day are recommended for six weeks. The cure can be repeated after a week break. 

5. Red pepper – It contains capsaicin, a natural analgesic with a similar action with that of aspirin. Capsaicin creams have proven their efficiency in providing arthritis pain relief. 

6. Hop tea – It has both anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. One to three cups a day beneficial in obtaining alleviation for arthritis. The results of hop tea can be easily compared with that of steroids. 

Obtaining arthritis pain relief through natural means requires patience and determination. The results of natural remedies are not as fast as those of artificial drugs, but considering that they lack the side effects, they are by far a better choice.

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5 Tips to Win Your Ex Back and Get Back Together After a Break Up

5 Must Do’s To Turn Things Around And Win Your Ex Back

1. Respect Your Ex’s Decision

ex has made their mind up, it’s time to respect their decision to end
the relationship, no amount of pleading, begging, crying to your ex
right now will not fix the problems that lead to your break up.

2. Show Maturity

one wants an ex groveling on the phone, text messages and emails that
they just want “one more chance”. Nothing will push an ex away faster
than an ex that is thinking irrationally and behaving immaturely, be
the bigger person and show your ex that you respectful of their wishes.

3. Give Your Ex Space

want to end contact with your ex in fear that you will never speak to
them again? Understandable but if you do not begin to give your ex time
and space after the break up you may ruin your last chance to reunite.
Let emotions settle for both you and your ex, this time is important to
turn things around and win your ex back.

4. Rediscover Yourself

are an infinite number of reasons that lead to a break up of a
relationship but now you have sometime to discover what went wrong and
how you will change it for the better. Spend time doing things you
enjoy and forget about your ex for the time being, remember,
understanding exactly what went wrong and why is what will allow you to
reconnect with your ex.

5. Making Your Ex Want You Again

you have mutual friends get the word out to your ex that you are having
the time of your life, that you are happy with this new chapter of your
life and life couldn’t be any better. After giving you ex time, space
and stopping contact with them they will be curious as to your new
outlook on life and what has bought a sudden change in personality.
This is where the reuniting can begin.

Discover how you can win your ex back
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step method to bring the magic back into their relationship and have
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Atlas Wellness Centre: Spinal Care Can Help With Back Pain in Pregnancy

Why is Spinal Wellness Care Necessary for Pregnant Women?

pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes several physiological and hormonal
modifications as a new human being grows and develops inside her womb.
Because of these changes, expectant mothers could feel pain and
discomfort as a result of misalignment’s in the spine or joints as being
caused by the more prominent curve on her back, abdominal enlargement,
changes in the pelvic region, as well as modification in her posture.

women suffer from chronic pains in the lower portion of the back as a
result of the changes that occur during pregnancy. Some pregnant women
may experience difficulty in attaining proper balance because of the
pain. Spinal care can help relieve the pain brought about by
being pregnant and enable one to gain better posture that does not cause
much pain on the affected areas. Misalignment of the pelvis could also
affect the development of the growing fetus inside the womb.

experts have undergone the required training necessary in handling
pregnant women; hence a gentle and safe technique is employed.

are different types of wellness experts according to specializations.
There are those who have specialization in pre-natal as well as in
peri-natal care for women. Wellness experts who specialize in pregnant
women have underwent additional trainings necessary to ensure that the
life of baby and the mother are not put at risk. The intensity of the
treatment process employed on pregnant women will depend on what stage
of pregnancy they are already into. In some instances, the wellness
expert suggests some stretching as well as safe and simple exercise
routines for pregnant women to perform that will help them deliver
without difficulty when the time comes.

Benefits of Spinal Wellness Care in Pregnant Women

mothers who visit a wellness centre to seek the help of wellness experts before they undergo labor
will benefit from the procedure in many ways. These include but not
limited to achieving a safe and healthier pregnancy, better control of
health conditions associated with being pregnant, giving birth faster
and easier without complications, relief from pain on affected areas
such as the joint, neck, back and spine, and avoiding the possibility of
undergoing a C-section.

Effects of Spinal Wellness Care during Labor

are still several benefits of spinal wellness care in pregnant women
aside from what has been mentioned above. Spinal wellness care offers
additional benefits during the actual birth process, especially in terms
of managing labor pain. Spinal care treatment is of great help in
achieving a successful normal delivery.

Length of Labor

level of balance and the body’s ability to adjust when subjected to
extreme cases of stressful situations is critical in the determination
of how the body is affected by the situation. Majority of pregnant women
who undergo C-section during the birthing process is the result of the
body’s inability to handle stress associated with delivery. The reason
for this is mostly because of the misalignment on the pelvic area which
caused the slow descent of the fetus down to the mother’s birth canal.
Limited mobility due to pain in the pelvic region adds up to the
difficulty in the labor process.

The length of time spent during
the labor period can be minimized or well reduced through proper
adjustments using spinal care technique

Position of the Fetus

component that affects the time in labor is the position of the fetus
in the uterus. Spinal care treatments will help adjust the pelvic
position and consequently corrects the placement of the fetus. This way,
it will be much easier for the fetus to come out from the mother’s
womb. Wellness experts also believe that spinal adjustments help avoid
the occurrence of any form of back labor.

Adelle Lawas is a writer for Peter Olsson. Peter Olsson is a wellness expert and specialist for pain in lower back? offering to clients services wider in
scope which include the provision of non-invasive structural
rehabilitation of the spine, functional rehabilitation of the nerve
system and education in the latest sciences of nutrition, exercise,
emotional wellbeing and health care. For more information, please visit Atlas Wellness Centre website.