Natural Herbal Remedies For Arthritis Joint Pain Relief

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Arthritis is perhaps the most tormenting joint disorder that may even lead to permanent disability if not checked in time. It is characterized by joint inflammation and excruciating pain. The joint is a vulnerable juncture of our body, for it bears body’s weight and is prone to wearing out. Therefore joints should be taken special care of. Knee joint, hip, shoulder, ankle, wrist, fingers etc may all come within the clutches of arthritis. In other words, arthritis inflicts both minor and major joints. Joints lie within joint capsule that is filled with a lubricating fluid called synovial fluid that cushions the joint against jerks and trauma. 

Also the bone heads meeting at a joint bear cartilages that buffer bones against friction and erosion. When cartilages wear out getting thinned or are lost due to degeneration, bones rub against each other, getting reduced to spurs called osteophytes. The entire process of cartilage degeneration and bone friction results in extremely painful creaking and deformed joints. An arthritic joint is not only painful but also stiff, swollen, red and tender. 

Not only bones, but also tissues, muscles adjoining the arthritic joint are also affected. Among the several types of arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout are the most common. Osteoarthritis is caused due to degeneration of cartilage and exposure of bones to friction. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused when over-active immune cells work against the healthy joint tissue. Therefore it is an autoimmune disorder. Gout results from metabolic disorder. It occurs when uric acid crystallizes within joints.

Arthritis Causes

1. Dearth of exercise
2. Obesity
3. Faulty diet
4. Dehydration
5. Bone fracture or other joint injury
6. Joint infection
7. Wrong joint alignment
8. Cartilage degeneration
9. Misdirected immune system
10. Vitamin deficiency
11. Faulty metabolism.

Herbal Remedies for Relieving Arthritis Joint Pain

1. Nettle root or leaves can make a beneficial concoction for minimizing arthritis pain.

2. Boswellia is another powerful herb that enhances blood circulation at the joint and lessens stiffness, pain and swelling.

3. Devil’s claw is an effective remedial herb for arthritis joint pain.

4. Turmeric can lessen joint pain. One may take turmeric powder by mixing it in milk. Turmeric poultice when applied on aching joints, takes off the heat and relieves pain.

5. Cayenne pepper has pain reducing agent and alleviates joint pain effectively. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper limits production of a substance P that heavily transmits pain signals to the brain. Thus it helps in lowering pain sensation.

6. Licorice extracts have pain killing and anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Willow is a natural analgesic, helpful in lessening arthritis joint pain.

8. Ginger, a natural anti-oxidant is another dependable pain relief and anti-inflammatory herb.

9. Celery seeds minimize or may also neutralize the harmful effects of gout-causing uric acid.

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Cancer patients who quit smoking will endure less pain

by Jeff Jurmain


Smokers are probably told to quit smoking every time they read an article about nicotine or walk into the physician’s office. Here is another way of looking at it. A new study has found that cancer patients who keep smoking actually feel far more pain than cancer patients who do not smoke.

A cancer diagnosis is not the death sentence it once was, and therapy has improved in leaps and bounds over the past two decades alone. Smokers diagnosed with cancer may keep lighting up to relax or, in a way, kind of throw in the towel. But quitting could be the  ticket to saving your life or at least improving your quality of life. And to get smokers started in that direction, here is direct evidence that you will not be in as much pain if you toss that cigarette container in the trash.

The study is in the new issue of “Pain.” Researchers found that, for a wide range of cancer types and for cancers in stages I to IV, smoking was associated with more severe pain, as well as a worse impact on a patient’s daily life.

The researchers believe that it’s important to explore smoking and pain in greater detail in a range of cancer patients to help illustrate further benefits of smoking cessation. The theory was that cancer patients who smoked would report greater pain, pain interference, and pain-related distress than non-smokers or former smokers.

They looked at 224 patients with a range of different cancers. In them, they found that current smokers experienced more severe pain than people who had never smoked, as well as more interference from pain in their daily lives. Among former smokers, evidence was found that suggests that quitting smoking may reduce pain over time.

The major strengths of this study are the varying types of cancer that were involved and the stages of disease. Though more research is needed (as always) to understand how nicotine relates to pain, doctors and patients should work together to aggressively try to quit the dangerous habit of smoking.

Apart from pain, quitting has been found to improve the overall treatment response and quality of life.

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Useful Natural Remedies and Herbs for Gout Pain Relief

Gout is a type of arthritis that is commonly observed, which leads to the inflammation of joints followed by acute pain. Persons suffering from gout face occasional attacks of the pain that lasts from few hours to several days and the intensity of the pain being unbearable at times. Gout hampers the mobility of life, restricting normal physical activities making the body crippled and disfigured. If left untreated it may lead to other serious complications like developing kidney stones and kidney failure.

Gout is suffered mainly by men though some women have been found to suffer from this disease post menopause possibly due to the reduced levels of estrogen.


Gout results when the uric acid level in the blood rises abnormally and the kidney cannot flush out the excess. This excess uric acid gets deposited in the form of sharp needle like crystals in the joints, tendons and cartilages resulting in inflammation and acute pain in the joints especially in the big toe, knees, shoulder joints, ankles, elbows and other joints in the hand.

Obesity and excessive consumption of alcohol are the prime causes for gout; whereas other ailments like hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, some kidney diseases are other plausible causes.

Herbal Remedies

People always tend to taking painkillers which does not cure the disease but suppress it providing temporary relief.

1. Alfalfa is stacked with vitamins and nutrients that aids in lowering the uric acid level in blood.
2. Cherries, blueberries are rich in Vitamin A, B5 and E. Regular intake of a cup of cherries and blueberries are effective in reducing the gout pain.
3. Applying warm Castor oil pack in a white flannel on the affected areas reduces inflammation.
4. Taking Apple cider vinegar mixed with honey twice a day helps in speedy recovery from gout.
5. Black cohosh helps in maintaining the ph level of the blood.
6. Celery seeds can eliminate the excess uric acid from the body but it should be avoided by pregnant women.
7. Taking extract of Devil’s claw helps to clean the blood from its toxins. It also reduces the uric acid levels.
8. Having ginger bath, by adding one third cup of ginger in bathing water causes excess sweat that flushes out uric acid from the body tissues.
9. Hawthorn is rich in flavonoids and anthocyanosides that help in curing gout.
10. Application of a pack of Mullein leaves in hot vinegar or water on the affected areas reduces inflammation and the pain.

Sedentary life style also contributes substantially, inviting this disease, so taking to moderate physical workouts and yoga prevents gout and also keeps it under control in case of infected persons; and a healthy diet acting as a beneficial catalyst.

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Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment and Herbal Remedies

Pain in the lower back or low back is a common problem which affects maximum people at some point in their life time. It is not related with a specific disease but it is a symptom which occurs from a variety of different processes. In many cases of lower back pain, despite of thorough medical examination experts are unable to find out the specific cause of the pain.

Back pain is not a disease itself, it is a symptom. Some common causes of back pain involve injury or disease to the muscles, bones or nerves of the spine. Sometimes pain arising from abnormalities of organs like pelvis, chest, abdomen etc may also be felt in the back. Usually back pain can also be caused due to normal pregnancy. Due to this problem the back pain is caused in many ways like irritating nerves, straining the low back, and stretching ligaments within the pelvis.

The primary symptom of low back pain is the pain in the lumbosacral area which is the lower part of the back. The pain may be confined to the low back but sometimes it may radiate down the front, side or back of your leg. With the increase in the activity the pain may sometimes changes into worse condition. Sometimes due to prolonged sitting like, as on a long car trip or at night the pain may be worse.

Initially for lower back pain, usually the people take self-care at home only. It is recommended to resume normal or at least near normal activity as soon as possible. But activities which place additional strain on the back or stretching are discouraged. Your comfort may be increased, if you sleep with a pillow between the knees while lying on one side. There is no specific back exercise, which may reduce the pain in the lower back or increase the functional ability in people with acute backache. But the people suffering from chronic back pain may go for exercise as it will help them to return in their normal activities and work. Nonprescription medications may also provide relief from pain. 

With the advice of doctor you can go for Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen etc. In some cases these medicines are very effective. Topical agents like deep-heating rubs are not very effective. Rumatone Gold oil is one of the best herbal massage oil to treat lower backache. It is herbal and 100% natural with no side effects. In some people use of ice or heat has shown an effective result. But you must take care. Don’t use heating pad on “high” or place ice directly on the skin.

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Back Pain Symptoms and Causes – Backache Problem

Back Pain is one of the most common types of problems which can affect any people at any point of their life. It affects the people commonly between the age of 35 and 55 years. Though, it may affect the people at earlier age also. Usually our lower part of the back suffers the most because during any physical activities it endures the maximum pressure and so it is at maximum risk to get damage. Sometimes, luckily the back pain is of temporary nature. It is caused due to excessive pressure on the ligaments or muscles which supports the spine. But if the backache is due to some serious injury or some medical problem like kidney damage, cancer or nerve damage then it is necessary to treat the problem with full patience and proper medical assistance.

There are various causes and factors of backache. In 90% cases the problem of backache is due to poor posture in your daily routine. Sometimes it can be caused due to bending or lifting heavy objects which cause a small tear of the muscles or ligaments and results in strain in the back. To establish the true nature of the backache, it is very important to observe the nature and the location of the pain. To provide an effective solution to the backache it is necessary to observe the symptoms of backache seriously and with great care.

The most common type of backache is the lower backache. Some of its most common symptoms are given below which is ignored by many people.

1. Backache during coughing or sneezing.

2. Acute pain or numbness down one or both legs.

3. Facing difficulty in lifting weights and moving around.

4. Pain while standing or in sitting up for a long hours and in a particular position like long car drive.

5. Difficulty in passing the urine.

6. Pain is accompanied during bowel movements.

7. Feeling of a back pain during normal back movements like bending, walking, running, doing any sports activity.

8. Continuous feeling of pain or stiffness in the area around the waist.

9. Back pain is also associated with weight loss.

These are the very common symptoms of backache but at the same time these are the most ignored symptoms of the backache. Ignorance of these back pain common symptoms may result into chronic back pain. If these symptoms of back pain are attended seriously in the initial stage then it may prevent severe damage to your spinal cord.

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